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STONARTS.D (Bangalore) is the only place in entire India and largest-of-its-kind in South East Asia, offering the latest range of the most exotic natural stone tiles exclusively designed for Cladding and Flooring purposes. Stonarts.D caterers to the domestic and international market, with a record breaking 35,000 tile products. The company offers an entire range of stone tiles, premium collection of ceramic and porcelain tiles along with various stone handicrafts. This is the first company to introduce lustrous and sleek stainless steel tiles, which are the epitome of modern style and an essential element of contemporary interior designing. 

The company began as ‘Jindal Marble and Stone’ and started distributing marble slabs in Bangalore in the 1980s. It is still operating in a 1,00,000 square feet stock yard. With time ‘Jindal Marble and Stone’ started processing stones as mosaics and tiles for the international market, exporting products to U.S, U.K, Europe and many other countries.

Since the time of its inception, Stonarts.D has expanded and is supplying material to more than 6,500 sites in India (Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Kochi etc.), to name a few. It has developed close tie-ups with leading Bangalore-based builders and architects and is closely associated with IIA (Indian Institute of Architects), COA (Council of Architecture), and IIID (Indian Institute of Interior Designing). The company also sells limited range of Spanish ceramics. These ceramic tiles are imported from well known brands like Versace, Swarovski, FAP, Gardeniea Onice, Cupido, Porcelanosa and Aparichi.

Stonarts.D has been successful in the International market as well as in the domestic market. Stonarts.D has won ‘The Best Products’ award for the year 2006-07, by India’s most reputed architecture & interior design magazine (INSIDE & OUTSIDE).  

Stonarts.D has also won ‘The Best Products’ award by the International Stone Fair Association called ‘STONA’ for the year 2004-05 and 2008-09; thus meeting the international standards for range of stone products.  Stonarts.D supplies its products to some of the world’s best stone importers like LOWS (U.S.A), M S International (U.S.A), B&Q (U.K), and WALKERZANGER (U.K). Our products are now available in the world’s leading chain of stores including Home Depot (U.S.A), Pillkingston. 

Stonarts.D clientele

  1. Prestige Group – Builders (Chairman’s House, Hotels, Villas, Resorts, Spas, Apartments, Malls, Restaurants, Office Blocks & others)
  2. Brigade Group –Builders (Service Apartments, Convention Centers, Villas, Apartments)
  3. Purvankara – Builders (Apartments, Villas)
  4. Nitesh Estates – (premium Villas)
  5. Angasana Hotels (International Chain of Hotels)
  6. Windsor Manor Sheraton Hotels (International Chain of Hotels)
  7. Mac Hotel (International Chain of Hotels)
  8. Accenture – (Bannergatta Road)
  9. Infosys – (Office Blocks)
  10.  Apollo Hospitals
  11. Dr. VijayMallaya – (UB City, Spa, Hotels, Office Blocks & others)
  12.  Dr. Rajkumar (Film Star)– house & hotel
  13.  Mr. Ambreesh (Film star / M.P)
  14.  Mr. Rahul Dravid (Cricket Star)
  15.  Mr. Rajashekar Reddy – C.M (Andhra Pradesh)
  16.  Mr. S M Krishna – ex-CM (Karnataka)
  17.  F – Bar & Kitchen (pub & fitness center)
  18.  Pizza Hut Outlets
  19.  Holiday Group of Resorts
  20.  Orange County Resorts
  21.  Eagleton Golf Resorts
  22.  Country Club Resorts
  23.  Chancellor – Chennai University

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