Privacy Policy

We understand your concerns pertaining to your data as well as respect your privacy. At Stonarts.D, we are committed to acting with integrity. With this privacy policy, we highlight how we collect and leverage data to hold ourselves accountable to provide the best experience for our consumers.

This privacy policy demonstrates how and to what extent data is collected automatically and with your consent and our best practices on data collection, information processing, data usage, data maintenance, and data protection.

Following is the detailed breakdown of the terms used to out this document:

  • You/ your/ user – You as the user of Stonarts.D
  • Personal Information – Personal identifiers like your name, age, billing address, shipping address, email address, phone numbers, or any other data tied to your personal identity
  • Financial Information – Financial information found in our records including our debit card number (last four digits only), your credit card number (last four digits only), name of the bank, payment mode,transaction number or any other data tied to this transaction
  • Vendors and Contractors – Our delivery partners, shipping and handling partners within/ outside Bangalore, advertising partners, financial partners, or any other businesses that support our efforts to help you bring home reliable, and trending tiles and all other products we supply to your home

This policy is applicable to:

  • Online purchases made via (URL –,
  • Off-line purchases made at Stonarts.D outlet, and
  • Online activity and interactions made on this website only.

This information is not applicable to purchases made through third-party vendors or impersonators. Please note that Stonarts.D currently has its store at the following address:


#41, Hosur Main Road,


Kindly drop us a word at to notify us of any fraudulent activity.

Please read this privacy policy in its entirety to understand our best practices for information processing. We have implemented a reasonable amount of security practices and procedures that facilitate information protection within the nature of our business. Although we assuage secure transactions, we cannot warrant the complete safety of all the information transmitted to us through you. By accessing this website, you agree, and acknowledge our privacy policy and terms of use.


  • We reserve the sole right to change or update this policy at any time with no prior notice or communication with the user. The user hereby acknowledges understanding that Stonarts.D will not be providing any explanation pertaining to the reason for the updates. Kindly keep revisiting our website to keep yourself apprised. The continued use of our website is consent to collect, use and process information, as set out in the information below.
  • This privacy policy forms an integral part of your use of our site. It must be read in conjunction with our web assessment guidelines, Facebook pixel’s privacy policy & terms of use, and Google For Business’s privacy policy & terms and conditions.
  • In case of any conflicts between this privacy policy and terms and conditions, we are at liberty to choose the prevailing terms for faster conflict resolutions.

For any clarifications, comments, or feedback associated with this document, please write to

Governing Law

Stonarts.D India is answerable to the governing bodies, and other regulatory authorities under the jurisdiction of India. The user is deemed to accept that any legal action, or proceeding resulting from your use of the platform, can be brought only in courts/tribunals within the jurisdiction in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. The user must irrevocably submit to the jurisdiction construed above. It is clarified that when visiting the website from any location outside Bangalore, India, the user handles their own compliance of local laws to the extent of applicability of the jurisdiction regarding the transmission of data within the states and the countries involved.

Data Collection

We collect information from users via two principal sources: automated data technologies, and data from the customer with consent via actions performed on the platform. The use of this website binds the user in agreement that the following identifiers are obtained with their consent. The user can exercise their judgment to opt-out, change, access information from MyTyles via the Update option on their account or write to us at

Data given to us by you

Data collected via this means refers to the information directly from you in the event of the following actions undertaken by the user:

  • Creating an account,
  • Adding items to cart or wishlist
  • Placing an order,
  • Initiation of any form of communication (electronic or in-person,) or,
  • Participation in any of our promotional events.

Please note that information obtained via orders must be shared with the required vendors and contractors until the fulfilment of the shipment is complete, following which it is archived at our end. Here is a detailed overview of the information collected, its definition, and its use.


Name, Phone Number, Email Address, Billing Address, Shipping Address, Pincode

  • Keeping the client abreast with the latest status of the order
  • Communication during the buying process
  • Order fulfillment via affiliated vendors and contractors
  • Targeted advertising and promotional offers
  • Location data for internal reporting and accounting

Financial Information

Transaction amount, Payment Mode, last four digits of credit /debit card, transaction reference number

  • Order fulfillment purposes
  • Improving customer experience
  • Faster query resolution and smooth delivery of the order
  • Finance and accounting purposes

Order Contents

Items ordered, number of units, any additional comments or feedback

  • Improving customer experience
  • Enhancing procurement and product portfolio
  • Internal reporting and planning marketing initiatives

Automated Data Collection Technologies

Automated data collection technologies, in this context, refer to a group of a proprietary set of technological interventions and systems that we have put together on this website to understand buyer behavior, interests, smooth functionality, other faces of navigation that help us serve you better. The usage of this website (with or without logging in) is the equivalent of your consent and thus enables us to access this information. Below is the detailed breakdown of the data and its use in our business.


Functionality cookies

  • Enhanced navigation and web surfing experience on this website
  • Faster loading speed and minimal wait time

Analytics cookies

  • Map the usage and the interaction between the user and the interface
  • Collect, analyze, and derive insights to strive for continuous improvement of this platform
  • Includes Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and other web development tools

Customer Preference cookies

  • Personalize your experience by saving important preference details, including your preferred language, delivery options, and browsing history

Advertising cookies

  • Delivering tailored ads to you
  • Keep you informed about our latest products, deals, and other promotional activities


  • Tracking your devices, behavior on our marketing initiatives, and reaction to interest-based ads

Social Media Advertising

Facebook and Instagram

Google ads

  • Understand your likes and dislikes better
  • Generate a better network of interest-based ads with our proprietary tools and technologies for optimum performance

The user has complete rights to opt-out, or block any of the above listed automatic data collection technologies. For more details, refer to section of this privacy policy. We also may use a vast and versatile network of add tags pixels, mobile identifiers, and more depending on the services available on social networking sites.

How is your data used?

Data collected both automatically and upon user interaction and communications on this website is stored in our servers at the Mumbai Data Center. Following is how that data is used by us:

  • Archived after the delivery of the shipment is completed.
  • Used over the course of 12 months for internal reporting, marketing planning, and financial audits over on a monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, or annual basis.
  • In case of fraudulent transactions, misconduct, or any other legal or financial discrepancy, we will fully cooperate with the judicial system and, as required by the state of Karnataka, India.


This part of our privacy policy states the type of information that is disclosed on an aggregate or personally identifiable information of the users and when we do so. Aggregate information is used for internal reporting, financial reporting and accounting reasons over the course of 12 months on a quarterly, bi-annually, or annual basis.

What We Share

We may disclose personal information (as defined above in the policy) in the following cases:

  • with the members of our corporate family.
  • to carry out the actions associated with the fulfilment of all the orders.
  • with our vendors and contractors; they aid on the execution front for digital marketing, payments, accounting and taxation, delivery, or any other advertising initiatives.
  • to follow through on the purpose with which the information was handed to us.
  • reinforce this privacy policy or items of use.
  • in the event of interference by legal or regulatory authorities designated by the government of India.
  • in case the disclosure of the information is required to safeguard and exercise the right of our organization.
  • compliance with court orders or notices.
  • prevent or detect any fraudulent activity.

Third-Party Sharing

The data collected by automated data collection technologies may be shared with third-party organizations on an aggregate basis without including the identifiers and contact information. Kindly note that we currently do not have an in-house delivery, shipping, or technology supporting payments and thus, we rely on payment processors like Razorpay and Payumoney & similar platform, and delivery partners like Porter, DTDC, Spoton Logistics,Delivery, SafeExpress and others for order fulfilment, service provider. The user has the right to opt-out at any time they wish to do so. In case of any business restructuring, such as mergers, acquisitions, or affiliations, the user data will be shared with relevant parties.

Sale of Data

We do not solicit the sale of personal identifier information and neither do we encourage doing business with organisations and institutions that sell personal information. This is true to the best of our knowledge and while we take precautions for information safety, we cannot ensure complete safety during the transmission.

Special Circumstances

This section of our privacy policy contains information pertaining to special circumstances that may occur during the data capture process. If any of the circumstances are applicable in your case, we encourage you to write to us at And we will get back to you at the earliest for fast and smooth redressal.


For users under 13 years of age, who have created an account on our platform or for users under 18 years of age with an account on this website, you have the right to request removal of all forms of information including browser data, mobile identifiers, or any other personal information. To request the removal, please write to us at When the request is received, we will make sure that the information is not publicly available. However, we may not be able to remove the information from our databases comprehensively.

International Compliance

All the information and data collected by Stonarts.D are hosted and managed by our servers hosted in the Mumbai Data Center. Fully GDPR compliant and CCPA compliant, EU5 and California residents are at full liberty to retract, request updates, or deletion of their data. As a registered user, you can readily access this data about your interactions in the Account section of our website.


Any references to any product, services, names, marks or any other hyperlinks or embedded links to third-party products, information, or services are provided solely for the convenience of the user and do not imply any form of endorsement, recommendation, or sponsorship of the information, product, or service by Stonarts.D. The user is advised to exercise their judgment when sharing personal information. The user by default must abide by the privacy policies of the third-party website and, in such cases, the user’s discretion is advised. We also suggest reading through the terms of use, terms and conditions, and privacy policy before sharing sensitive information.

Intellectual Property

All the content (multimedia, and otherwise) on this website is created by Stonarts.D and their advertising partners unless stated otherwise. The user cannot reproduce, plagiarise or share any of the contents of this website without seeking permission. Sharing this content without any credits will be deemed as unauthorized use of our intellectual property and the user will have to bear severe legal consequences.

Your Rights

The user may withdraw consent from collecting information at any time by using the equivalent options. This section of the privacy policy highlights the key circumstances and rights of the user.

To remove your user account with Stonarts.D, you need to make a formal request through the registered email address and verify the same. Upon complete authentication of your account, we will delete your user profile from our database. Personal details like Name, Contact number, Email, Billing address, Shipping address, Items Ordered will be still available in the GST invoices which is submitted at the government department.

Access Info

To access records of all the information, the user can do so by

  • visiting the profile section of their account as a registered user of the website, or
  • the user can write to us as

We will take the necessary action upon receiving the request. However, we may not be able to remove the information comprehensively.

Opt-In/ Opt-Out rights

The user may opt-in or opt-out of receiving information about new products, new information, or any other marketing initiative at any time.

Change your information

The user can place a request for changes in information, including phone number, email address, billing or shipping address at any time.

Data Security

We use a number of encryptions, SSL, and other technologies to support our initiative to keep your data safe and secure. With the inherent nature of the internet, however, we cannot warrant the complete removal of the requested data.


For any other queries, feedback, or clarification, please write to us at

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