Disclaimers – Product Breakage and Delivery Responsibility

At Stonarts.D, we prioritize delivering top-quality products and ensuring your satisfaction. We collaborate with trusted third-party delivery service providers to efficiently fulfill and deliver your orders. However, we would like to highlight certain disclaimers regarding product breakage and our non-responsibility for damages incurred during transit or delivery.

Breakage Disclaimer:

While we take every precaution to ensure that our products are packaged securely and handled with care before dispatch, there may be instances where breakage or damage occurs during transit. Stonarts.D holds no liability for any breakage or damage that may occur to the products once they have left our premises and are in transit or during the delivery process.

Responsibility for Damages by Third-Party Delivery Providers:

We utilize third-party delivery service providers to transport our products to your doorstep. Any damages that occur during delivery, handling, or transportation by these third-party providers are beyond our control. Stonarts.D cannot be held responsible for damages incurred by the products while in transit or during delivery by these external service providers.

Replacement for Damaged Products:

In the unfortunate event that your product arrives damaged due to transit or delivery, we empathize with your inconvenience. While we cannot assume liability for damages incurred by external factors, we offer our customers the option to purchase a replacement piece at an additional discounted price. This replacement option aims to assist customers in obtaining a new item at a reduced cost in cases of unforeseen breakage or damage.

Customer Support and Assistance:

Should you experience any issues with a damaged product upon delivery, we encourage you to reach out to our customer support team promptly. While we cannot guarantee full refunds for damages caused post-purchase, we are committed to providing guidance and support to resolve the situation by offering replacement options at discounted rates.

Understanding Our Disclaimers:

By making a purchase from Stonarts.D, customers acknowledge and understand the disclaimers regarding breakage during transit or delivery. We recommend inspecting products upon receipt and reporting any damages to our team within the specified timeframe for possible replacement options.

At Stonarts.D, we value transparency and aim to ensure a smooth shopping experience for all our customers. Your understanding of these disclaimers helps us maintain our commitment to quality and service.

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